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The Rulebook.
Hello there, everyone. Welcome to [Stay Scheming!] We are so excited to have you browsing around on the site! Yes this is the rulebook, yes I would like for you to read it, just so you know the basis and how this site actually and really works. Make sure to follow all the rules and NOT break them because if you do, I will be forced to take action.

The bigger picture
registering with the site
• SS is a 15+ site. If you are not over age 15, please leave this site!
• When you register, please register with a full name : first, middle, and last. {ex: Brayden King Evas}
• Do NOT register with any nicknames or special usernames {ex. sexiionedirectiongirlz12 | We do NOT accept that.}
• If you need to leave for a certain amount time, please alert a staff member on your leaving and when you will return.
• When filling out the application, fill it out using the correct code. Tampering with the code will cause your application to be overlooked. Staff members will alert you to fix your application!

God bless the child that can hold his own
characters and roleplay
• No Mary Sues. No one likes a perfect character! Make sure your character has flaws. Everyone has flaws.
• Pregnancies, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, Suicides, etc. Those things happens. If you're RP calls for a situation of that degree, please alert a staff member for approval before carrying along with said RP.
• Face Claims should be of known "famous" celebrities. NO Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter Celebrities. If absolutely need to use a celebrity of this degree, you need to have a good reason why!
• All levels of roleplay is allowed. No matter how long you've been roleplaying or the experience you have, it's allowed!
• Godmodding is FORBIDDEN. (You need to have permission from your RP partner in order to godmod!)
• When your character is speaking, please use quotation marks. ("")
• The site is strictly Rated R.
• If you're thread has an extensive use of sex, drugs, violence, or suggestive themes, please place a Mature rating sign in the title. ( [M] )
• Any thread that deal with sexual content and would like to be continued between two RP members, please continue it privately in the PM's.
• OOC should be strictly AVOIDED in Roleplay.

Stay Scheming PLOT.

Miami. Sex. Drugs. Violence. The drug trade is huge down Miami Port. Cocaine is the mean of income, and income is the mean of respect. Come in and claim your respective crew. Are you a heir to the drug line your parents and elders have created, or are you one of the innocent who's oblivious to everything going on around them. Only the strong live in Miami Port due to all the corruption, drug busts and arrests happening. Sex and scandal is frequent. Everyone is out here trying to find themselves. Some want the respect, money, and sex the cocaine business brings. Other just want an escape from it all. Which side are you on?
The choice is yours.


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