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Santiaga, Romeo Christian

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Santiaga, Romeo Christian

Post  Romeo Christian Santiaga on Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:34 pm

romeo christian s.

Name: Romeo Christian Santiaga
Age: 22
Birthday: February 2, 1989
Occupation: Heir to Santiaga Fortune, Head of the Santiaga drug/crime unit
Face Claim: Chris Brown
Family: Carmella Santiaga and Dominic Santiaga
Roots: Santiaga Family. 1980. Cocaine/Crack.

It's funny how so close, was so far. I almost had a solid record deal. I was close to it. Mad close. And then, I just...I guess I fucked it up. I couldn't leave Miami. I couldn't leave my little sister and brother alone. I know they can handle themselves, but still, ever since dad died, I had to take over as man of the house. To be honest, I'm scared as hell. Worried, always fuckin worried one of these days, Imma fuck up, you know? I keep myself grounded though. I'm still rapping, writing, dancing, smiling. Once you get older, you start to realize how important life is and how much you have to value it.

I watched my father and my uncles build a grand scheme of a business. Drugs. Who would've thought of a better idea? Since I was 3 I just remember my father's pockets becoming fatter and fatter with each passing day. Most kids got like $5 for an allowance, I got $90. For birthdays, most kids got a nice toy and a trip to the movies, something nice and cheap. I'd get flown out of the state or even the country and a small 2 week vacation from school. Speaking of school, I never graduated. I dropped out near the end of my senior year. It's stupid, I could've stayed for a few more months and graduated, but I never did. I was interested in the fast life and celebrity my father and mother gave me. I went from girls to women, small money to big money, drug free to getting high almost everyday. I live the live fast, die young mentality so many other people my age dream about.

My father gave me this lifestyle. He told me to run with it and have fun until I realized I had to step up and be man of the house. As for my mother, I'll never forgive that bitch. She was such a gold dgger and I never understood why my father couldn't realize that like my brother and I could. She was horrible. She used to threaten me all the time, but praise me when she was in the presence of my father. When he wasn't home, she beat me all the time. Kicked me down, called me names. One time she tried to drown me. She was getting high on her own supply. Cocaine fucked her up real bad. It may sound evil, but the day my father shot her...was the day I actually smiled in her direction. I'm happy she's gone. All the hurt she's caused me, all the bruises, can't forget or forgive them.

I'm just glad she's not around.

Anyway, I don't know what I'm going to be doing with myself. Probably stay in Miami until this business bores me and I get tired of it. Who knows, maybe that'll happen sooner than later.

Here, place 3 songs that give an essence of your character:
O1 : Swimming Pools - kendrick lamar
O2 : Chapter Six - kendrick lamar
O3 : Poe Man's Dreams - kendrick lamar

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