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Santiaga, Dominic Power

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Santiaga, Dominic Power

Post  Dominic Power Santiaga on Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:41 pm

dominic power s.

Name: Dominic Power Santiaga
Age: 20
Birthday: December 29, 1991
Occupation: Heir to Santiaga Fortune, professional slacker
Face Claim: Tyga
Family: Romeo Santiaga (Brother) and Carmella Santiaga (Sister)
Roots: Santiaga Family. 1980. Cocaine

Being the heir to the Santiaga throne, Dominic has experienced triumph, heartbreak and happiness. He's seen things other can't possibly even register in their mind or contemplate. He's seen his baby sister in a puddle of blood, stripped down with bruises all over her body from being raped. He watched his mother shot to death by his father, he's been jumped, put in the hospital. He's robbed, he's killed, everything. That doesn't stop him from keeping a bright and happy smile on his face. Dominic loves and appreciates life. He lives to smile, love, party, drink and most importantly, he loves to slack off. Either way, Dominic appreciates life and overall, he's here to rebel, collect money and live.

Here, place 3 songs that give an essence of your character:
O1 : In This Thang - Tyga
O2 : Many Men - 50 Cent
O3 : I get Around - 2Pac

Dominic Power Santiaga

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